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How to... drill and blow an egg for decoration?

First of all, the mandatory step: To blow the egg
Whatever the technic chosen, you need to blow the egg if you wish to keep it after decorating it. There are some technics to keep the eggs full, but, it involves some constraints and an old egg which explodes is not very pleasant (very bad smell, and you loose your work !!).

Have a look, this is a tip to use a single hole on the egg! better aesthetic than two holes eggs, but not the first idea... read here-after!

	 How to... find the center of an egg

First of all, find the center for the hole before drilling!

You can believe me, finding an egg center is not easy!
After first attempts, you will constat that it is better to draw some lines before doing the hole.
The best and simpliest method? draw two lines, like Earth meridians after a quarter of a turn. The center of the cross will be precisely the center of your egg's bottom!

	 How to make an hole with a simple pin?

How to make an hole in an egg with a simple pin?

For most of eggs, except ratites eggs as rhea, emu and ostrich eggs, you can use a simple pin to create a small hole.
But believe me, it will be very difficult to blow an egg with such a small hole!

	 Enlarging the hole with a screw-driver

Enlarging the hole with a screw-driver

For example, you can use a screw driver to increase the hole diameter.
Just do it with extra-care, keep the tool a good perpendicular with the shell. Or you will separate the shell's layers and create cracks.

	 Enlarging the hole with a screw-driver

Result : a nice hole in the egg, with a simple screw-driver

Obviously, the final diameter will depend on the screw driver size...
The result is nice enough, without complicated tool; this is how I used to do my first years with goose eggs.

	 Enlarging the hole with a screw-driver

Faster and more precise : a mini drill tool for your Easter egg

I am used to drill the egg with a dremel tool; easy to find and there is a large choice in burs.
I prefer a conical bur so I can drill directly and choose the hole diameter.
If you have different burs, you could need to do a pre-hole with a pin or anything else. You should test it!

	 How to... blow out an egg with a single hole

How to... blow out an egg with a single hole

If you drill two holes, you can inject air in one hole, and the egg's inside will blow by the other hole.
But if you use a single hole, the both actions take place on the same hole. Simple? be careful, some precautions are useful to avoid bad experiences...
- the hole must be larger than your syringe or other tool used to inject air
- if the inside doesn't get out, you need to agitate the egg or use a small pick to miw the white and the yellow parts; it will be more liquid.

From my own experience, and my own research on egg craft supplies, I gathered a large choice of supplies for egg art on this webstore.

Discover our tools to blow out an egg, easily and without risk for children!

The simplest tool : you blow in it...
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no need to blow, there is a little pump
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