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Oeuf Design - Eggshell upcycling
Art et Artisanat du Monde Art et Artisanat du Monde Oeuf Design - Eggshell upcycling
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Hello everybody!

Discover here below our latest news: this month, ostrich eggs and exhibitions!


New choice for ostrich eggs

 Oeuf d'autruche à vendre

New, we added a cheaper category, with coloring defaults!

And also added other holes precision now available!
We have also modified our page, making one page per category, to facilitate your navigation.

To discover our new ostrich eggs page, please click on this link :
All ostrich eggs page


Venez rencontrer Jean-François à Anglet

 Jean-François, artiste sur oeuf

From 23 to 27 November, Jean-François takes part in the autumn fair in Anglet (64600).
Town hall party hall

If you are in the region, do not miss this opportunity to admire his work and to meet him: you will be able to see how warm he is and how he loves to talk about his work!

And here are two ostrich eggs, decorated in an original way:
- a Celtic-inspired egg, mounted as a lamp on a base of his creation
- a total ostrich look, for this ostrich egg decorated with ostrich leather!

Oeuf design - Jean-François Oeuf design - Jean-François


Toulon Museum : a video about the exhibition about "Oeuf "
 Exposition Oeuf au Museum de Toulon

Museum of Toulon: discover some images of the "Oeuf " exhibition which had been extended due to the covid.

The focal point was the exhibition of the Ferry-Blondel collection of more than 3000 bird eggs, never exhibited before; and a scenography addresses the subject of the egg from a naturalistic, territorial, cultural and artistic aspect.

If you watch until the end of the video, you will be able to see decorated eggs by Jean-François and Christel, selected by the Museum to illustrate this artistic part.


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