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Oeuf Design - Eggshell upcycling
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DIY special eggs, Do It Yourself! Here are tip and tricks

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To dye an egg naturally

Take care when choosing eggs!
The brown chicken eggs (the most common in France) are more difficult to dye because the brown color dominates.
Therefore, it is easier to use white chicken eggs which you can find in shops selling kosher eggs.
Or, other efficient technic : use chlorhydric acid! But very diluted... Very easy to find in supermarket.
Then the problem is to find the correct dose... the acid suppress the outside layer of the egg shell and therefore make it whiter.
Obviously, kids must not use acid themselves but ask an adult to help!

Egg shell dyed with natural colour

There are several manners to dye egg shells. The first is probably the most funny for kids: The use of everything available in the kitchen. Whatever the colour, you need salt and white vinegar.
Now, the dyes: onion skins will give brown/red color, fresh spinach will give green color. Coffe can also help to obtain a brown color. Make tries and you will find what works...
The procedure is very simple:
1/ Apply vinegar on the egg shell, but, be cautious, not too long, as the vinegar will eat into the egg shell.
2/ Then boil the egg shell with the product choosen to dye the egg shell. Don't forget to add salt. The longer you boil the egg shell, the darker will be the final color. Obviously, it is easier to keep the egg into the liquid if it is still full.
3/ To fix the color and have it more glossy, do not hesitate to apply a varnish.

Teindre les oeufs avec des teintures du commerce

Dyed egg shells with dyes for fabrics
Again, first step is to apply vinegar on the egg shell.
Then, follow the dye user's manual by replacing the word "fabric" by "egg shell", except for machine wash, of course!
Finally, you can also apply a varnish at the end.

Egg dyes : In small bags, the dye concentrate can be diluted in a jar and be used for several eggs. Wide assortment of colors available.
Obviously, children must be under supervision of an adult!

Looking for egg dyes ?
17 colors available
by lot or one by one
egg dyes

All you need to create pysanki, dyes, kiksta, books, here !

Nouveau, une gamme adaptée aux enfants, ou à ceux qui veulent faire un premier essai...

Voici les produits de la marque allemande Heitmann, qui propose un large choix de kits et de teintures pour toute la famille.

Tous les colorants sont à utiliser à froid et sont sans danger pour les enfants à partir de 3 ans! (sauf les colorants express, qu'il faut faire bouillir)
Avec également des kits de décoration pour créer des petits personnages, des effets de marbrage, des feuilles métalisées, des films rétractables pour obtenir de beaux oeufs de Pâques en un tour de main et des autocollants pour décorer facilement n'importe quel oeuf.

Teintures pour oeuf + effets paillettes Teintures pour oeuf + effets paillettes Colorants express à  chaud

Matériel pour décorer les oeufs avec les enfants


Et question importante, pourquoi teindre des oeufs?
Ce peut être pour les gratter, ou pour faire du pysanki, deux techniques traditionnelles.
Notre page sur les oeufs grattés est ici et celle sur le pysanki ici!