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DIY special eggs, Do It Yourself! Here are tip and tricks

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Pysanki technick, writing on an egg

Batik technic, Pysanky tradition

You can have several color on one egg shell by masking some zones.
With dye used close to ambiant temperature, masking can be made with wax (pure beeswax, take care of some "wax" which can contain some toxic products).
Once masking done, dye as per the previous paragraph.
When you put the egg out of the dye bath, dry it cautiously, you need then to suppress the wax before the next step. To do so, place the egg close to a flame (candel fro instance). Sweep gently the wax as it melts.
Be careful: always proceed from the clearer color towards the darker one.


Voici une vidéo intéressante qui montre Viorica Semeniuc en train de décorer des oeufs "Pysanki". En 2017, elle devrait participer au salon des oeufs décorés de Tours.
Oeuf Pysanki par Viorica Oeuf Pysanki par Viorica You can find her eggs

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Here is another video from romanian pysanki, with other patterns.