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Raw ostrich eggshells, the largest egg in the world!

 Oeuf d'autruche à vendre Here you can choose your ostrich eggs, among our largest choice in Europe!

We sell "complete " eggs, that is, an intact egg except for the piercing hole; we also drill on demand a second hole to fix the egg on an axis, or we widen the hole if you want to transform the egg into a lamp or if you want to use the ostrich egg as a vase; if you want to use the ostrich egg in a candy box or a giant cocktail glass, that is also possible! just ask us!

Choose your ostrich egg, discover our different categories:
We have a lot of different ostrich eggs, so we did different categories by sizes and shell quality : we have created category depending on the use you can have with these eggs, but it depends of course of your personnal judgement!

« Shell quality » : categories are "extra-regular", "painter", "carver" or "workshop".
Explanations on these categories are given in the corresponding pages.


How much for an ostrich egg?
Our ostrich eggs are graded by size, surface quality and drilling precision.
Quite logically, the price is higher when the egg is large, without default than small and with streaks!


More details about our choice for ostrich eggs:

« Egg treatment and dyeing »: By default, our eggs are treated with bleach, which allows the internal membrane to be removed, but hinders the dye taking. You must contact us in advance to find out if we have any eggs treated for dyeing in stock.


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If you are searching for an egg of a specific specie, don't hesitate, contact us!